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Lip ageing and vertical ‘Barcode’ wrinkles

The mouth is a symbol of youth, attraction and sensuality. It should be well formed, and the lips clearly defined and plump.
Due to anatomical reasons, and aggressive environmental factors, this zone often ages more markedly than the rest of the face.
Glogau has defined a photo ageing scale for the lip-mouth area :

Aesthetic medical treatment for lip wrinkles

The ‘bar code’ can be treated by:

Clinica Renova Blefaroplastia

How to Remove the Barcode (Wrinkles On the Lips)

From the age of 35 on the face, wrinkles begin to appear and the lines of expression are marked. These wrinkles are very unsightly for some people, that is why they resort to treatments to eliminate or soften them and thus become more satisfied with a younger appearance. The wrinkles of the eyebrow, the crow’s feet, and the bar code are the wrinkles that are most noticeable when this stage arrives because they are in the face, which you can not hide behind the roa as could be the case with other signs of to age.

The set of wrinkles referred to as “barcodes” (those vertical wrinkles that are located above the lips), are very noticeable to the naked eye and are highlighted even more when making some movement with the mouth.

These wrinkles are very common in women smokers. The bar code is more remarked on female smokers because they perform a continuous movement with the muscles of the mouth when sucking the smoke of the cigarette.

People want to wear a young face for a long time and these wrinkles prevent that goal, but fortunately there are several techniques to eliminate these unsightly imperfections.

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Lip ageing and vertical ‘Barcode‘ wrinkles. The mouth is a symbol of … picture removelips wrinkles by hyaluronic acid.

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