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Radiofrequency treatment consists of electromagnetic radiations that oscillate simultaneously in the electric and magnetic field. Although it is a system of therapeutic use known in surgery for years, recent research has managed to shift its use to the field of aesthetics by creating a technology capable of delivering radiofrequency energy selectively in the deep dermis and subdermal layers while It protects the epidermis and thus be able to fight against flaccidity and cellulite.

The effects produced by Radio Frequency are:

It produces a heating of the fat and skin.
Stimulates the collagenesis of the dermis and the fibrous septa tensing the skin. Increasing the collagenesis, (dermis and fibrous septa) increases the firmness of the skin.
Stimulates blood circulation at the skin level, improving the quality of the skin. Increasing circulation and blood flow improves the texture of the skin.
Drains the lymphatic ecstasy of fat, decreasing the appearance of orange peel, and decreases body volume. Increasing lymphatic drainage decreases the amount of fluid and toxins in the adipocyte and reduces volume.
Indications: Flaccidity Fat reduction Acne Cellulitis Pre and Post-liposuction Post-partum.
Radiofrequency generates an electric field that changes from positive to negative, which causes a rotational movement of the molecules that generate heat.

The two types of radiofrequency used are the Bipolar, which causes a superficial heating of the skin, and the Unipolar, which produces a heating in the deepest part of the dermis acting on the adipose tissue. The joint use of the two radiofrequencies manages to contract the collagen fibers and in this way accelerate the production of new ones, while activating fibroblasts that achieve a marked tensor effect on the skin.

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Body Radiofrequency is an aesthetic treatment to eliminate cellulite and flaccidity.

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