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The lifting of thighs and arms, is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the shape and smoothness of the legs for the following reasons:
Improve the body contour of a woman who, for personal reasons, thinks that the skin of her thighs is off-hook.
Correct a reduction in the volume of the legs and thighs after a significant reduction in weight.
Allow the use of certain items such as swimsuits, in women with thighs in very poor condition
By tracing the skin both superiorly and medially we can give more smoothness to the distended skin of the thigh and lift the tissue off-hook. This text will give you a basic understanding of the procedure – when it can help you, how it is done, and what results you can expect.
You can not answer all your questions, since many depend on individual circumstances

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The thigh lift can improve your appearance and your self-esteem. However, before deciding, you should carefully review your expectations and discuss them with us.
The thigh lift is usually performed to lift the tissue off the thighs and buttocks, to improve body contouring. There is also a risk of wound dehiscence if subjected to excessive traction to them, so you should be extremely careful with the movements of the body during the first two weeks. Some women report areas of skin with decreased sensitivity near the incisions.
These symptoms usually disappear over time, but may be permanent in some patients. Sometimes the scars of the incision are not as good as we would like. This depends on personal factors and localization of the scars. We will explain in detail where they settle and what is the expected quality of the scars.
The majority of patients who undergo a thigh and butt lift do not suffer from the described complications, however it is important that they know them and in the preoperative consultation we explain each of them so that they are aware of the benefits and risks of this intervention that on the other hand has a high degree of satisfaction.
In the initial consultation about your thigh or arm lift we will evaluate your health status and explain the most appropriate surgical techniques for your particular case, based on the firmness of your skin and the conditions of your body.
Tell us what your expectations are. We will be equally frank with you, indicating the alternatives and the advantages, risks and limitations of the possible treatments. In the same way answer the questions we ask about their habits such as smoking, or the intake of medication, vitamins, and other drugs.
We will explain the type of anesthesia that we usually use, the hospital where we perform the intervention, and the costs of it.
In Clínica Renova we give you instructions on how to prepare the surgery, the time of fasting prior to it, and the medication that you should avoid, as well as the guidelines for the administration of antibiotics and other medications that are important for everything to go well. During the day of the operation, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult. And in the same way that someone helps him in his habitual life during the first days, until he recovers and can cope with himself.
The intervention is done in a clinic or hospital. Usually with admission to the hospital for a day or two to make your recovery more comfortable.
The thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia, so you do not feel discomfort during the intervention. Do not forget that for us it is essential that your result is optimal, so we chose the anesthetic technique that allows us to work better and more safely.
Pero como en cualquier operación, hay riesgos asociados con la cirugía y complicaciones especificas asociadas con el procedimiento. Como con cualquier procedimiento quirúrgico, el sangrado tras la operación puede causar edema y disconfort.
Tales molestias se atenúan por la colocación de drenajes que se mantienen 2 o 3 días para evacuar la sangre de la herida. No obstante hay un pequeño riesgo de hematoma que si se presenta puede requerir la evacuación de la sangre acumulada.
Un pequeño porcentaje de pacientes pueden presentar una infección. Esto puede ocurrir en cualquier momento, pero es más frecuente en la primera semana tras la cirugía.
The method of traction of the skin of the leg depends on its anatomy, its problems and our recommendations. The incision can be made either only on the inner side of the thigh near the groin or it may be necessary to take it to the gluteal fold. Sometimes in thigh and gluteal lifting it may be necessary to circulate it.
Do not forget however that the incisions will be proportional to the amount of excess skin, and that to eliminate this there is no other possible way to make scars.
The choice is made so that the incision is placed so that the scars are as visible as possible.
In the event that the scars are long and obvious, we must weigh the improvement in the body contour with the existence of such scars. We will explain what the situation will be so that you can evaluate the improvement with objectivity The incisions are made to make sure that the scars are as visible as possible, in the inguinal crease or in the gluteal fold Through incision we perform a liposuction to facilitate traction of the skin and remove the excess skin.
Then the incisions are sutured carefully. Drainage tubes are left for a few days after surgery. It is important to discuss pros and cons of each of the techniques so that you understand the implications of the procedure that we recommend. The surgery usually takes two to three hours.
The wound is closed with a buried suture and then the legs are bandaged for two or three days to allow proper healing.
After surgery, the legs, thighs and buttocks look better and the scars become less noticeable over time.
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She will feel tired and annoyed some days after the intervention, she will have to rest in bed for a day or two, without stressing the sutures.
You can make a normal life without excessive tensions after a week. Most of your discomfort will be treated with medication.
In two or three days we will remove bandages and drains and we will indicate the type of socks that you should use. The strange sensations in the skin and the most important swelling will diminish in more or less three weeks.
The sutures will be removed in approximately two weeks.
But the leg will take a few more weeks to recover its completely normal appearance.
Must be able to return to work in about fifteen days depending on the level of activity that requires it.
Follow our advice on when to start exercising and normal activity. Your legs will probably be more sensitive to direct stimulation in two or three weeks, so you should avoid physical contact.
Then progressively return to the normal state. The scars will be hardened and pink for at least six weeks. Although this hardening can last a few months. Afterwards, they will progressively diminish until they become very little evident.
Las mujeres sometidas a este tratamiento mejoran en aspecto y en autoestima al encontrarse mas seguras con su nuevo aspecto.
La decisión de realizar un lifting de muslos es altamente personal, incluso puede haber personas que no lo entiendan. Lo importante es como se sienta usted con una silueta mejor. Si consigue sus objetivos y expectativas, la cirugía es un éxito.
Liposculpture is a very effective technique to provide a new body contour with minimal scars. The results can be permanent, as long as you maintain a proper diet and exercise periodically. If you gain weight it will do so more homogeneously and not only in localized deposits of fat.
Most patients are very satisfied with the results of their liposculpture; They can use more varied clothing and are more satisfied with their body. As long as your future expectations are realistic, you will be happy with your new silhouette.

The information contained in this page in no case can, nor does it pretend, to replace the information provided individually by your plastic surgeon. In case of doubt, your plastic surgeon will provide you with the necessary clarifications. If you are thinking of undergoing a Plastic or Aesthetic Surgery, go to a Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
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